A Story About How I Ruined a Nice Flirtation-ship With My Ugliness

I am mad but also find this really hilarious
  1. So I met this guy on tinder, let's call him Jake
    Jake is like super into me, we're talking a lot and actually have a good amount of things in common. Side note: this guy said in his tinder profile "I am not a tool, I promise"
  2. We exchange snapchats
    Now it's getting serious
  3. We snapchat back and forth, things are going good
  4. I'm sending cute snapchats cause you know you can't start off ugly, you have to start off cute
    That is an actual cute picture I've sent because I was looking bomb.com
  5. Jake is really into me and then obviously like anything that is going good... Things got ugly real quick (pun intended)
  6. I am also simultaneously snapchatting my best friend which means really ugly pictures and also pictures where my head looks like a legitimate egg from the way I angle my camera
  7. Not only does my head look like a legitimate egg but I also make the ugliest face with infinite chins
    Here is an example... Yup see the difference from the picture above to this picture
  8. I send it and think nothing of it because my friend and I exchange pictures like these all the time
  9. I notice it's been a while since Jake has snapchatted me back so I check if he had opened the last snap I sent to him
  10. I then notice I sent 2 snaps to him and I was like wait that's weird I only remember sending one?
  11. Well I put two and two together then realized I sent him the ugly snapchat in addition to my friend
  12. It's been 3 days and I have yet to hear from him again
  13. Lmao long story short Jake saw the uglies part of me and was so turned off he will probably never contact me again.
  14. However I see it as a way to weed out the Douche bags who don't have a sense of humor. If you don't want me at my ugliest well then jokes on you because I am ugly 95% of the time and I am proud.