Arizona Heat Problems

Specifically Phoenix a.k.a Satans armpit
  1. It is hot as Satans Balls
    Honestly I die of heat stroke every time I walk outside
  2. Every time you get in the car it feels like you opened an oven while its baking and just climbed in
    Pretty sure the car is twice as hot as the temperature outside.... Which is usually 100+ degrees. You could literally bake cookies off the dashboard of your car
  3. My seatbelt gives me 3rd degree burns everytime I get into my car
  4. If you don't drink at least 2 bottles of water then you will probably become dehydrated and die
    Okay maybe not die but you will definitely regret not better preparing to walk out into hell
  5. Buying a bag of ice
    It may have been a bag of ice when you left the store but by the time you arrive to your destination it's just really cold water
  6. Wearing anything with sleeves
    Wearing sleeves when it's over 100 degrees is a recipe for a bowl of sweat stew under your armpit
  7. As the locals where I went on vacation to Arizona would say, It's a dry heat!
    Suggested by   @MatthewAlmont
  8. Feeling the need to shower immediately when you get home because you're covered in sweat
    Suggested by   @sarahmccoy