Being an Introvert

I am an introvert and I am at peace with myself
  1. I am not a hermit
    I like being alone and I value my time by myself. I would rather be at home than at a party
  2. Social interactions can be scary
    I need to practice a conversation with someone at least 10 times before I am ready to talk to them.
  3. Parties are hard
    It's very possible for me to go to the party but I will probably be attached to my 2 friends the entire time or finding a dog to pet
  4. Exhaustion from interactions
    Parties and large crowds drain introverts energy unlike extroverts who receive their energy from parties and crowds. Therefore as an introvert, after an awesome night of partying I will be exhausted for probably 3 days.
  5. Doing things by myself is OKAY
    I am comfortable with doing stuff on my own, you don't need to make me feel weird about it.
  6. I'm not depressed
    I am not mad, sad, or shy. I just do not want to talk to anyone for a bit and that is fine.
  7. Being outgoing is hard
    As much as I would like to be the person that makes friends wherever they go, I'm the one that will sit in the back of the room and only be social if I have to
  8. I love books
    Books are like living another persons life and escaping your own world. Books are my escape when I am overwhelmed.
  9. I talk to myself... A lot
    I have more conversations in my mind than I do in real life. A lot of the times these conversations in my mind translate to my actually saying them out loud to myself.
  10. I love people
    I really do like people but sometimes I really just don't have the energy to be social.