Human Sexuality 101

Some brief main points I find useful from my human sexuality class
  1. Gender roles are bullshit but influence our sexual life more than we think
    The media has assisted with the impact of gender roles through advertisements, television, and music.
  2. There is such a thing as sex research
    but funding is hard to come by because of conservative Christians who don't believe in its usefulness though it is extremely helpful
  3. Alfred Kinsey is a pioneer of sex research
    He was one of the first researchers to study sex. He studied the sexual behavior of 5300 white males and 5940 white females.
  4. The term "g spot" stands for Grafenberg spot named after the researcher who "discovered" it
  5. Menstruation is the sloughing off of uterine lining and involves painful cramps and dysmenorrhea
  6. Use a condom for god sake, sperm can live inside you for up to 7 days and one tsp holds about 200-500 million sperm
    Not to mention it prevents the transmission of diseases
  7. Circumcision in men reduces the risk of HIV
  8. Transgender and transsexual are NOT the same thing
    Transgender means appearance and behavior do not conform to tradition gender roles. Transsexual means the gender they identify as is opposite to their biological sex.
  9. Gender identity vs. sexual orientation
    gender identity is who we are and sexual orientation is who we are attracted to.
  10. Women can have multiple orgasms during sex whereas men have the rebooting speed of a 1995 computer
  11. Rape is never okay!!!!
  12. Sexual harassment is never okay
    Any unwanted attention in a workplace or academic setting (basically any setting)
  13. Urophilia is sexual arousal from contact with urine
  14. Yes Sex addiction is an actual addiction that people suffer from
  15. Even though the pregnancy rate in the United States is declining, we still have one of the highest pregnancy rates in the western world
  16. Abstinence only sex education is non effective
    We can preach abstinence but If teens wants to have sex, teens are going to have sex no matter what. the best we can do is to inform them with useful information about their decision like contraceptives and STI's, etc.
  17. Love is difficult to measure or define
    But the definition most commonly used is special attitude with behavioral and emotional components. It means different things to different people.