In Memory of My Beloved Dog 🐶🐻♥️

A trip down memory lane on behalf of my dog, Bear, who passed away today
  1. The reason he is named bear 🐻
  2. Bears happiness level when I let him ride shotgun
  3. Bears face when I came home from college after being away for 2 weeks
  4. "I swear this is not what it looks like"
  5. The look he gets when I let him lick my feet
  6. He's always watching
  7. Caution: dog may become half its size when wet
  8. Bears attempt to make me stay when he knew I was leaving
  9. His name is bear but he also responds to Mufasa
  10. Bears first time being able to ride in my brothers truck
  11. Bear when we said "snack"
  12. One of the last times I held Bear
  13. My brothers last time holding Bear
  14. Rest in peace Bear, we love you 🐻🐶♥️