Non Essential Items I Am Willing to Spend More For

  1. Lululemon active wear
    The quality of their clothes is unreal Their leggings are comfortable and "lift" everything in the right place. I love their sports bras because of the padding and different styles.
  2. Shampoos and conditioner with no sulfates
    As a person who showers almost everyday (sometimes even twice a day) I love the feeling of clean, healthy hair. Most cheap shampoos and conditioners have sulfates which damage the hair even if it says "repairing and nourishing". You can check if there are sulfates by reading the ingredients and if the word sulfate is anywhere there then do not buy.
  3. Good skin care items like face wash, toner, moisturizer
    I wash my face every morning and night because there are so much dirt and oils that harbor in your pores. The body shop is my go to place for skin care. I will spend about 50$ on face wash, toner, and moisturizer. I can say that ever since I got into a good skin care routine, I rarely break out and my skin has never been better.
  4. Rainbows sandals
    These cost about 50$ but the arch support and durability of this sandal make it worth it. Not to mention they are really comfortable because of the added layers for support. These are high quality leather so they last trough almost anything. I've had my first pair for about 2 years now.
  5. Anything from Victoria's Secret
    Honestly I think some of their stuff is so over priced for no reason. However their underwear and bras are amazing. Also their clothes are really cute even if they are overpriced.
  6. Nike/UnderArmour
    I love their apparel and shoes. I have so many Nike and UnderArmour shorts that my friends rarely ever see me in anything else. I love the looks and the comfort of their apparel. I can wear shorts to workout or just lounge around. Also both brands shoes proved support and a light weight feel.