I am still in college and play a sport which makes it difficult to have a job so it will be another 2 years before I can even start thinking about these things
  1. Adopt 5 dogs
    I literally just want to be surrounded by dogs all the time
  2. Rent a house/aprtment
    I just want to do a bunch of Pinterest DIY and decorate my home and throw wine parties. I live in a dorm currently so it's nice imagining living on my own.
  3. Buy my own car
    I would like to trade my little Ford Focus in for a big jeep
  4. Paying for a vacation for my mom
    I want to send her somewhere nice where she can party it up and meet a nice man
  5. Go to dinner with people and say "don't worry I'll get the check"
    I want to be financially stable to pay for at least 4 people at dinner
  6. Open a couple credit cards so I can establish credit
    First I need money to actually pay the owed amount on the credit cards
  7. Buy organic foods
    This may be possible now but when you're in college, you'll cut corners to save as much money as possible