Lady Gaga's Albums RANKED

With rumours circulating that Lady Gaga's next album will drop within the next few months, I thought it appropriate to rank the modern day Queen of Pop's albums!
  1. 1.
    No. 1: The Fame Monster
    This iconic masterpiece has earned its rightful place at number one for a number of reasons. Whilst it is full of huge hits and lacks any fillers at all, the impact this album had on pop culture is undeniable. From the career-defining lead single 'Bad Romance' to the Beyoncé collaboration 'Telephone', this album is a must-have for all music lovers.
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    No. 2: Born This Way
    Lady Gaga continued the momentum from her previous two efforts with the incredible, transforming rock-opera that is 'Born This Way'. It's singles included the LGBTQI anthem title track, the controversial Judas, Marry The Night, The Edge of Glory and the country hued Yoü and I - to have all of these on a single album is an extraordinary feat! The album has earned a special place in the hearts of many and, to this day, is the epitome of Mother Monsters artistry.
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    No. 3: The Fame
    The debut album that threw Stefani Germanotta into the position she's in today is widely regarded as one of the best pop records of all time. It spawned hits like 'Poker Face', 'Just Dance', 'LoveGame' and 'Paparazzi'. Written with some of, what would become, her greatest collaborators (RedOne, I'm looking at you), this album is the perfect record to dance to, as other tracks like 'Starstruck', 'Summerboy' and 'Beautiful Dirty Rich' will keep the party going!
  4. 4.
    No. 4: ARTPOP
    Every album list will inevitably have that one record that must come last and, in this case, almost undeservingly. ARTPOP is a chaotic dance record filled with huge tracks such as 'Venus', 'G.U.Y', 'Do What U Want' and 'Applause', with beautifully crafted songs like 'ARTPOP' and 'Gypsy'. This album is Lady Gaga at her most vulnerable and, ironically, is her most exciting. We could belong together, ARTPOP.
  5. 5.
    Honourable Mention: Cheek to Cheek
    This collaboration with jazz legend Tony Bennett was one of Lady Gaga's biggest transformations. Her performances during this era included her astoundingly good Sound of Music tribute and her on-tour vocal milestones singing La Vie En Rose and Bang Bang. This album was beautifully and organically crafted and a follow-up in 2017 is both highly likely and warmly welcomed.