After getting my beloved burger phone stolen last weekend (by someone who apparently has a death wish), I'm back in action! Let's begin 😎
  1. Sure, men are sketch AF on Tinder, but did you know they're just as socially inept in person? Well, now you do.
  2. Some questionable convo-starters I've gotten *recently* include...
  3. "You have amazing cheekbones. Are you French?"
  4. Guy: "You're so beautiful. Can I buy you a drink?"
  5. Me: "Thanks, but I'm actually here with someone."
  6. Guy: "Oh okay. Well do you have any hot friends?"
  7. "I love when girls wear chokers."
  8. "You look like the mom in this new Netflix show. Don't worry, that's a compliment- she's a total MILF."
  9. "I own a lei company and you'd be the perfect model for it."
  10. "How tall are you? ... Oh, 5'8", huh? ... That's nice. Reeeeeal nice."
  11. "I know girls are very into eyebrows, so I must say, you have some great eyebrows."
  12. "Have I seen you at the gym before?"
  13. "You're so pretty. Let your parents know they did a great job!"
  14. Giphy