1. Day 1
    7 hour bus to Toronto. Get picked up by evan's parents. Go to Oakville, eat pizza at 1 am, and talk to his little sister.
  2. Day 2: day
    Go into Toronto. Do some touristy stuff. Meet up with ben and Amelia for lunch. Me and alex go to Ben's house for a few hours while evan and hope go to his sister's hockey game.
  3. Day 2: night
    Played mini sticks. I feel incredibly more Canadian after that experience. Then we went out to a little get together with Evan's friends and met them all.
  4. Day 3
    Woke up and had a nice breakfast. Drove to Windsor (technically Tecumseh). Had dinner with Hope's parents.
  5. Day 3: night
    Played games, watched the oscars, and sat and drank in Hope's hot tub till late hours.
  6. Day 4: day
    We drove all the cars Hope's family owns and just chilled for a while
  7. Day 4: night
    We went to hang with Hope's friends and went to some strange weed place
  8. Day 5: day of travel
    Drove to Toronto then had a long ass bus ride back to Montreal
  9. Day 6: off to Mont Tremblant
    Bus to Mont Tremblant in the morning. Got to our hotel, decided not to ski because it was raining. Started drinking early instead. Hope and Evan passed the fuck out at like 2 pm.
  10. Adventure for groceries
    Alex and I decided to go to a grocery store and make Hope and Evan dinner. This ended up being a whole adventure with us having to take several buses, missing some, running to get change, walking around the little local village, etc.
  11. Dinner
    We made a nice dinner and woke Evan and Hope up. They were pleasantly surprised. Then we played drinking games and went to the hot tub later.
  12. Day 7: skiing
    We skied only a half day then came back and killed a whole handle of vodka by drinking mixed drinks and playing drinking games. bad idea. Went to the microbrewery, had some beer, ate dinner, then went back home cause we had had a bit too much to drink.
  13. Day 8: skiing, then coming home
    Skied another half day... it was so fucking cold though. Got back to the hotel but had already checked out so we slumped in the lobby for a few hours till we had to get on the bus back to Montreal
  14. Overall
    Had a blast this week it was definitely one of the best week long vacations I've had, mainly because I got to share it with probably the best little group of people I've ever met. So happy to call these guys my best friends and can't wait for the many more adventures we're all going to have!