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In my continued support for high school kids who graduated in 2016, here are my top 10 pieces of advice for college freshmen.
  1. 10. Take it slow that first week there.
    Yeah, we know you are on your own for the first time. No parents around. Don't try to take advantage of your new freedom all in one weekend. It's a good way to end up in the hospital.
  2. 9. Remember to Live and Let Live
    At some point this year, your roommate will drive you bonkers. Guess what: you're not perfect either. Sometimes you just have to roll with human beings' imperfections.
  3. 8. The "Freshman 15" is real.
    All you can eat meal plans are dangerous. So are eateries that are open at two in the morning.
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It's officially summer this Monday... but in time for the weekend here are my all-time personal favorite Summer songs. Guaranteed to help you relax; best listened to with toes in the sand within view of an ocean (lake or pool I suppose can substitute, but not as ideal).
  1. 10. Billy Joel - Summer, Highland Falls
  2. 9. Sublime - Doin' Time
  3. 8. Jimmy Buffett - Cheeseburger in Paradise
    Makes me crave one every time.
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Seniors have about a week left before they graduate, and it got me thinking about my own HS graduation (1994). I was a music junkie even way back then, and these are the Top 10 songs I was listening to the most.
  1. 10. Frank Black - Headache
  2. 9. The Offspring - Come Out and Play
  3. 8. Our Lady Peace - Starseed
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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about senior week - and the answers!
  1. 1. "Do we have to go to graduation rehearsal?"
    Answer: If you plan on graduating, yes!
  2. 2. "Do we have to turn in a permission slip for senior week?"
    Answer: Yes. Roller coasters are dangerous.
  3. 3. "Do we have to pay for the senior week shirt?"
    Answer: No!
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There are HUNDREDS of colleges that are standardized test optional... So, if you do your research, you can apply to - and get accepted to - lots of great colleges without ever taking the SAT. Ever! In your life! Here are my top 10 favorite.
  1. 10. George Washington University
    Washington DC is the greatest...
  2. 9. Merrimack College
  3. 8. Stonehill College
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In honor of Prom tonight, here are my top five all-time movies about a prom, or hinge on a major prom/dance scene.
  1. 5. Napoleon Dynamite
    The ride to the prom alone is phenomenal.
  2. 4. Mean Girls
    Killer speech!
  3. 3. Can't Buy Me Love
    An absolutely underrated '80s teen movie that has not aged well. The clothing choices were very... '80s.
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Find these and listen to them often and loudly.
  1. 10. I'm Afraid of Americans
  2. 9. God Knows I'm Good
  3. 8. Suffragette City
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In honor of Star Wars and #MajorMonday, these are the colleges and college majors that these characters would have chosen had they not lived in a galaxy far, far away.
  1. Luke Skywalker: Agriculture, Iowa State University
  2. Princess Leia Organa: International Relations, Bryn Mawr College
  3. Han Solo: International Trade (Certificate of Completion), Mesa Community College
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  1. 1. Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  2. 2. The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping
  3. 3. Lou Rawls and Diane Reeves - Baby, It's Cold Outside
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In honor of Scott Weiland (RIP), these are five schools I like for Music majors. (I should note, however, that most rock stars don't go to college...)
  1. Berklee College of Music
  2. SUNY Fredonia
  3. University of Hartford
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