Colleges the Star Wars Characters Would Have Gone To

In honor of Star Wars and #MajorMonday, these are the colleges and college majors that these characters would have chosen had they not lived in a galaxy far, far away.
  1. Luke Skywalker: Agriculture, Iowa State University
  2. Princess Leia Organa: International Relations, Bryn Mawr College
  3. Han Solo: International Trade (Certificate of Completion), Mesa Community College
  4. Yoda: English, University of Puget Sound
  5. Chewbacca: Zoology, University of Wisconsin
  6. Darth Vader: Criminal Justice, Old Dominion University
  7. C3-PO: Linguistics, Yale University
  8. Lando Calarissian: Hotel and Restaurant Management, Cornell University
  9. Obi-Wan Kenobi: Classics, Oberlin College
  10. R2-D2: Computer Science, MIT