There are HUNDREDS of colleges that are standardized test optional... So, if you do your research, you can apply to - and get accepted to - lots of great colleges without ever taking the SAT. Ever! In your life! Here are my top 10 favorite.
  1. 10. George Washington University
    Washington DC is the greatest...
  2. 9. Merrimack College
  3. 8. Stonehill College
  4. 7. Clark University
    My cousin goes there, loves it.
  5. 6. Ithaca College
    Unbelievably great college town.
  6. 5. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    Yes, even at STEM focused schools, you can avoid standardized admissions tests.
  7. 4. Bowdoin College
    Great liberal arts school; Government program incredible.
  8. 3. The College of the Holy Cross
    Or, you know, just "Holy Cross"
  9. 2. Wake Forest University
    Or, you know, just "Wake"
  10. 1. Providence College
    My personal alma mater... How could I NOT put it first?!?