Last 4 Photos On My Camera Roll, Captioned

This actually gives you a really good well rounded description of me, I'm obsessive, kinda mean and a mess since day 1.
  1. April and Ron from Parks and Rec
    These are screenshots of the scene where they keep throwing vegan bacon into the garbage can to make sure "no one else has to eat this". I liked the look they gave each other at the end. I really love Parks and Rec.
  2. Nathan, my best friends ex-boyfriend
    I screenshotted this picture he posted on Facebook because my friend and I like to make fun of him and I thought his head looked stupid with that thing on it. I had to send it to her.
  3. Metric live
    I found this picture on instagram and thought it was cool so I reposted it onto my Metric fan page. Look at that smoke. Rockin'.
  4. Me as a baby
    My school needs a baby picture of me for the year book. Look at me with only one shoe on. Classic.