Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

I screenshot a lot.
  1. The Jeepening
    There's this crazy dirty Jeep that my friends and I keep seeing everywhere. My friend sent this Snapchat to me. I thought it was hilarious.
  2. Emily Haines
    I love Emily Haines of Metric. She is my complete love. I have literally thousands of pictures of her on my phone.
  3. Free Willy
    My friends ex-boyfriend at prom made a big deal about his ability to do the worm. He cleared the dance floor for it. It wasn't that good. No one cared. It was very similar to when Michael cleared the dance floor on the boat to do the worm in The Office. Anyway, my friend got this picture and captioned it "free Willy". Also he ended up making this (minus the free willy) his profile picture on facebook.
  4. Temperature set to hilarious
    Chris Pratt posted this on Snapchat. Apparently I'm 12. I couldn't stop laughing.
  5. Emily Haines again
    Took a screenshot of a picture of Emily from Instagram. Because I love her. And it was cool.