Things I'm going to miss while living in residence (at university in another city)

"you need to live in res so you'll make friends!" -dad "who cares about friends? I don't need friends. I need a good night's sleep" -me
  1. My Metric posters
    21 items of merch on my walls. I'm bringing 1 poster and VIP necklace thing. I need my life-sized picture of Emily Haines. How am I supposed to be without it?
  2. The freedom of listening to whatever music I want whenever I want out loud
    And the ability to sing out loud really loud of course
  3. My double bed
    Hellloooo single lyfe
  4. Showers alone
    Shared bathrooms. Perf.
  5. Showers with music
  6. Not worrying about what I say while sleeping
    So much sleep talking. So many weird dreams. So many issues. So many people sharing my bedroom.
  7. My dad helping (doing) my homework.
  8. All my books
    I barely even read but I'd like to have the option, and to look like the kind of smart girl who reads.
  9. A closet AND a dresser
    I got lots of clothes y'all
  10. Chilling in my room without pants
    No one wants clothes on always. Sometimes I want to go to sleep without pants. Sometimes (always) I don't want to worry about people (my roommate) seeing my pants-less body.
  11. General privacy
    I don't like people, I have anxiety, I like to cry a lot. I like to laugh really hard at Parks and Rec and The Office and no one needs to see it. Or be bothered by it. Just leave me alone