"Hey nice to meet you! I love Metric."
  1. Emily Haines/Metric
    It's the only thing you'll be listening too for the next year. Also you will call in love with Emily Haines because she is smart and talented and hot as fuck.
  2. Noise
    Silence makes me think about stuff that I don't want to think about. There will always be music or TV on in our room. I guess I can put in headphones if you're studying.
  3. Amy Poehler
    Hilarious, adorable, Amy Poehler.
  4. Parks and Recreation
    I realise this is related to Amy Poehler but it deserves its own point because I will be quoting it for the rest of my life and if Metric is not playing Parks will be on.
  5. @mindy and the Mindy Project also the Office
    Similar to Amy Poehler. Hilarious, adorable, Mindy Kaling. Also on occasion when not watching Parks I will watch The Mindy Project and The Office. Also will be quoted a lot. "I love hummus"
  6. Mess
    I am disgusting.
  7. Hanna
    This is my friend Hanna, she lives on our floor. I don't know why because she has a room in Residence 15 minutes away but anyway, she is nice and will not leave.
  8. Hugs
    I also love to hug and cuddle.