it's Emily Haines.
  1. I think I can see her behind that thing
  2. Ya that's her
  3. Ohmygod ohmygod Oh. My. God.
  4. I love her so much
  5. She's so pretty
  6. No one is that pretty
  8. Holy fuck I forgot how pretty she is
  9. Look at her eye lashes
  11. She's so fucking hot
  12. And so badass
  13. Fuck off bitch, stop bumping into me
  14. Please no one film this around me, no one needs to have my voice recorded
  15. WOOOOO
  16. It's hot in here
  17. Like really really hot
  18. Maybe I should stop dancing for a secind
  19. No. Just keeps going. Keep those arms up.
  20. Ok maybe I can stop singing for a second, catch my breath.
  21. I can't now it's my favourite song
  22. I'll take a break during the next song
  23. I LOVE YOU
  24. Shit I love this song too
  25. How is she not so sweaty
  26. She's dancing as much as me and also playing the synth, guitar, tambourine AND singing well.
  27. You can do it Tallulah
  28. I can't
  30. I love you
  31. How do I tell you? I just love you so much
  32. I'm crying now
  33. Just keep smiling and dancing, no one will notice
  34. Great, the guitar player is laughing at me
  35. I look rediculous
  36. Well at least he sees me I guess
  37. I wonder if he recognises me from the last 4 times this year that this has happened
  38. He's probably thinking "who the fuck is this girl and why is she always crying at my concerts. Looooser"
  39. Fair enough Jimmy.
  40. It's just that I'm so fucking happy
  41. Please never end
  42. I didn't even think happy crying was real until I started coming to these concerts
  43. You are all just so cool
  44. I promise I'm cool too
  45. We should be friends
  46. But let's not meet now
  47. I'm so sweaty
  48. It's like I took a bath
  49. Literally dripping
  50. And I'm so thirsty
  51. Why do I never buy water
  52. Having to be at the front is so hard
  53. Waiting in line for hours
  54. And then no time to buy water
  55. And they dump out your water if you bring it
  56. And it's so hot and squishy at the front
  57. It's honestly not even worth it
  58. Wait yes it is, she just pointed to me again
  59. She totally knows me
  60. I LOVE YOU WOO!!!
  61. Please never end
  62. Please play for me forever
  63. Except I really need water
  64. So maybe we can end soon
  65. It's only 2 months until I see you again anyway
  66. How. Is. She. So. Pretty.
  67. And. So. Cool.
  68. Ok this is there last song
  69. Why did I wish it would end
  70. Please don't end
  71. Now I'm crying sad years again
  72. Everyone is watching me sob my way to the merch table
  73. I own everything already.
  74. Oh well. At least no one needs to see me cry anymore.
  75. That was really awesome
  76. Best night ever.