It was mine and my best friends 18th birthday, we were finally legal! Was I going to not party? yes. I should not have partied. or at least not like this. how am I not dead? like for real. I'm barely even hung over. I love being 18.
  1. Wine
    Three glasses of white wine at dinner. The night started nice and simple.
  2. Flaming Beavertail shots
    I don't know what that was really. The server just brought them over.
  3. Tequila shots
    Shots shots shots shots
  4. More Beavertail shots
  5. Another tequila shot
  6. Rum and coke
  7. Then we went next door to another bar.
  8. Jager bomb
    Why does this taste so much like cough syrup? Gross man.
  9. Tequila shot
  10. Rum and coke
    I think...
  11. Back to the first bar
    It had better drink and was cheaper. YES PLEASE. Also fun story (not really) I went like 3 days ago too and all my friends got ID'd. None did this time.
  12. Rum and coke
  13. Another flaming shot
    I don't remember what it was called. The server just brought it
  14. Two Beavertail shots
    These are so fucking delicious
  15. Back to the second bar
    I don't know why. Why? Well more people bought us drinks here I guess. Anyway we left the bar and our total tab was $17. WHAT THE FUCK. Three girls who drank a fucking deadly amount and it was $17.
  16. Rum and coke
    I don't even like fucking rum and coke.
  17. Tequila shot
  18. Two beers
    I needed a fucking break
  19. Rum and coke
  20. Rum and coke
    I just added this one because I'm pretty sure I forgot one somewhere else in the list.
  21. Tequila and another tequila
    I counted last night and got to 12 shots, I only had 10 in this list. I don't know when I took them.
  22. Also at least two more tequila shots
    I just remembered these guys bought us shots. Gotta love being a girl. I totally forgot about them. That's 14 shots now.