1. Arizona: Heat stroke
  2. California: Threw up at Disneyland
    I technically paid for myself to go with all the girl scout cookies I sold.
  3. Colorado: Picturesque train ride through the rockies
    There was bird(?) poop on my window
  4. Connecticut: Saw a penis
  5. Delaware: Quoted a lot of Wayne's World
  6. Idaho: Ate five and a half pies
  7. Illinois: Caught in a flash flood
    Exceptionally unprepared
  8. Indiana: Got kicked out of a waterpark
    It's not what you think...
  9. Maine: Made out in a graveyard
  10. Maryland: Watched the sunrise while singing "Good Morning Baltimore"
  11. Massachusetts: My first Uber experience
    Whole foods to Target was a wild ride
  12. Michigan: Got lost
    I never should've been here, I took a wrong turn
  13. Minnesota: Tried chik-fil-a
  14. Montana: Showered at a gas station
  15. Nevada: Illegally played the slots
  16. New Hampshire: Shaved half my head
  17. New Jersey: Slipped on vomit in the subway
  18. New York: Broke a boat
  19. Ohio: Made a tour guide pee his pants
    I didn't mean to, I'm sorry Ted.
  20. Oregon: Stood in line for 75 minutes for donuts
  21. Pennsylvania: Black Friday shopping at midnight
  22. Utah: Nosebleed from a mosh pit
  23. Vermont: Ate a foot long hotdog
  24. Virginia: Tripped in front of a president
    It was Lincoln
  25. Washington: Lived well for 18 years
  26. West Virginia: idk, idr