Movies I Loved Enough to Bring with Me When I Moved to Paris (in alphabetical order)

I only had two suitcases of space when I moved here a little under one month ago and I had to be very particular.
  1. Easy A
    Empowering and real. Emma Stone is a stonr cold fox. Did you know there's an orange in every scene in this movie?
  2. Inception
    It's on netflix now so I feel a little cheated.
  3. Juno
    Even just listening to the soundtrack you know this movie is hecka legit.
  4. Miss Congeniality
    This was what my mom and I watched when I had a bad day at school. This happened more than it should've.
  5. Moulin Rouge
    My favorite when I was 10, even though I didn't understand it in the slightest.
  6. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    Please watch this, even if you've already seen it, you can't watch this enough.
  7. The Princess and the Frog
    Talk about a great moral, amirite ladies?
  8. The Princess Diaries
    "Shut up"
  9. The Princess Diaries 2 Royal Engagement
    The beginning of Chris Pine stealing my heart.
  10. The Proposal
    I fall asleep half the time but in a good way because I feel so comfortable and content.
  11. Pushing Daisies
    Yes, I know, technically a TV series, yet absolutely incredible.
  12. Ratatouille
    So pure, so good. Don't tear my baby down.
  13. Sabrina
    Not the teenage witch, the babelicious Harrison Ford one from the 90s.
  14. Shrek
  15. Sleepless in Seattle
    RomCom that is set in my hometown, the only other thing I need is some homemade mac & cheese to cure my homesickness.
  16. Stranger than Fiction
    Most people haven't heard of this but I highly recommend; Will Ferrell rocks it in a serious role and there's plenty of killer supporting actors. Cheeky, original, and thought-provoking.
  17. Tangled
    Rapunzel is my hero.
  18. When Harry Met Sally
    I can watch this in any mood with any company and it's a grand time, hard to beat.
  19. Wreck-It Ralph
    If you tell me you don't like this I'll be sure you're lying or a parent that was forced to watch it one too many times.