Social Media I Use (Probably Incorrectly)

  1. Facebook
    Happy birthday! I'm gonna post 39 pictures from my trip to Disneyland and stalk my exes
  2. Instagram
    I use the photosquarer app for every picture. Also, someone told me the caption doesn't matter but that's where 96% of my effort goes.
  3. I'm new and I don't completely get it yet. But I like it and I'm trying.
  4. Pinterest
    I fantasize about trips to Europe and making incredibly tantalizing recipes.
  5. Snapchat
    I let my sister know I'm still alive and only post to my story when there's cool geofilters
  6. Tumblr
    Idk if I'm supposed to stick to aesthetic pics or funny text posts or fandoms but I've got it all.
  7. Twitter
    I have my bffs on notifications and like their tweets to make them feel better about themselves. And to talk to celebrities who literally never reply to me.
  8. Vine
    Only at 2am when I should be sleeping but I'm giggly and everything is hilarious but not so much in the morning.
  9. Youtube
    Lots of buzz feed videos and movie trailers and music videos. And free music.