Here's what I think so far.
  1. Don't cry because you are bad at your job
    I once almost wept while reading aloud a charming and goofy picture book because it was my first year and I was just so terrible at my job.
  2. Don't cry because you are exhausted
    This one's tough. Sleeping more and better is my #1 tip for educators. And all humans, really, but educators take note!
  3. Don't cry because your students are making you feel some type of way
    Middle schoolers are expert button pushers. Bummer, but that's developmentally appropriate. Sometimes I breathe, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I write something unkind on my clipboard and then cross it out furiously.
  4. Do cry because you are moved
    A couple weeks ago, I cried (a little bit) in front of students for the first time and I think it was safe and okay for everyone in the room! We were watching a serious video and speaking from our hearts about state violence. Sometimes it's appropriate to feel deeply and model that for kids. That's what I think now.