Two great tastes that taste great together.
  1. Watching Scandal & painting my nails
  2. Talking to my mom on the phone & grocery shopping
  3. Watching any movie & holding hands
  4. Drinking lemonade & messing with my ListApp drafts
  5. Running in the park & thinking about boys I've loved
  6. Riding the 3 train & listening to the "Dear Sugar" podcast
  7. Riding the 3 train & crying a little bit (see above)
  8. Tidying my bedroom & dancing in my slippers
  9. Reading a book & lying in the sand
  10. Falling asleep & hearing outside sounds (wind, cars, low key arguments) through open windows
  11. Sitting in Prospect Park & making friends with dogs
  12. Driving on the highway in the middle of a vast corn/soybean state & listening to someone read aloud a favorite children's book
  13. Treading water in the ocean & having serious conversations about History