After 🌟YEARS🌟of feeling holier than thou every time I walked by, I caved and used the power of cash money and a round brush to fix my feelings during a difficult and humid week. I had so many thoughts! Here are some.
  1. No shit, you guys got coke here?
    This is how I feel in my heart when someone offers me free wine and I'm not expecting it.
  2. Blue Crush and Breakfast at Tiffany's were playing on TVs
  3. Is this timeless? Am I fooling myself?
    I started to think about my grandma going to get her hair set at the salon (she actually says "beauty parlor" because she is a dream) and how I never really knew what that meant, but now I can't wait to tell her about this weird thing and bond over beauty rituals. Love you, Tessie!
  4. Too many choices!
    I thought I would just walk in and say "GIVE ME PRETTY NOW PLEASE THANK YOU GREAT" but I was way, way wrong.
  5. Yellow is a weird signature color
    I don't know, that's just one woman's opinion. Probably because it looks terrible with my skin tone. All apologies to the sun and tulips and gender neutral baby clothes and butter and Dry Bar.
  6. I'm on a lifelong journey with my bangs
    My stylist and I talked a lot about my bangs and how they react to humidity and how I think my forehead looks weird. She got my struggle. I appreciate her.
  7. Race in America
    I've never seen so many white ladies getting their hair done by Black ladies. I have so many thoughts about labor and luxury and power (esp. right after the NYT article about how manicures are physically, economically, and spiritually poisonous). But real talk: thinking, "Someone should write a book about this," is a tic leftover from liberal arts college.
  8. I have been transformed
    I am now a beautiful princess-warrior capable of all things (for about 48 hours).