I'm annoyingly evangelical about my newish bedtime rituals and how they have transformed my life.
  1. Consistency
    Having a strict bedtime is infantilizing but necessary (for me).
  2. Screens off
    Ironically (?), my screens off reminder is an alarm on my phone. I like to let my eyes and brain chilllll for at least an hour.
  3. Quiet space
    Asserting my need for quiet alone time is a learned skill/work in progress type situation.
  4. Heat
    Sometimes I double down with tea and a hot water bottle. Being warm makes me sleepy. Is that science? Maybe.
  5. Reading
    Kindle has changed the game on pre-sleep reading, y'all. Dim screen, all other lights off. Getting yawn-y just writing about it.
  6. Bonus morning ritual: no caffeine
    I'm reintroducing green tea after a sixth month caffeine ban. I don't know if it's sustainable for me, but it was like a hard reboot to my circadian rhythms.
  7. FYI
    I didn't do *any* of these last night, and now I'm so sad! Can work end at lunch? Can I nap under my desk?