Wanna see me cry, y'all? 👇🏼= 😪 every time.
  1. Bridge to Terabithia (book only)
    I've never lived anywhere without this book in case I need to spend an afternoon having a good cry.
  2. Armageddon
    I watched this during two separate and legit traumatic adolescent life moments. Now I have the most embarrassing Pavlovian response in the game. Like, even the Aerosmith song is too much for me.
  3. Youth theater
    I've wept through every youth theater production I've seen for the past decade. This includes an oddly chosen, predominantly white, summer camp staging of Once on This Island featuring a young-as-Hell Tavi Gevinson and an hours-long teen slam poetry national championship. Both were lovely. Why was I crying? The vulnerable beauty of young artists, that's why.
  4. Lots of Sufjan
    My sleeper hit for Sufjan-tears is his cover of "You Are the Blood." I wouldn't call it sad-sad, but I feel it too hard for my body to hold.
  5. Little Women (film)
    My middle school bestie called a moratorium on my obsessive re-watching when I started crying for the entire movie, regardless of what was happening on screen (e.g. wailing "Beth would've loved Meg's babies!").