Meaning I will blush and stammer if they come up in conversation. No chill, many feelings, all of the 😍.
  1. Cary Fukunaga
    He is a handsome man who has thought about Jane Eyre more than I have, so I'm dead now.
  2. Young Josh Charles
    Preserved in amber from Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead.
  3. Nina Totenberg
    I like when she tells jokes, I love when she reads a transcript of Scalia or Thomas, and when Nina talks about RBG--too much!
  4. Sufjan Stevens
    The sentence "And I think the dress looks nice on you" built its own little chamber in my heart and it's going to chill there forever and ever, haunting me kindly.
  5. All the guys working at Mike's Pastries, 2004-2008
    Not celeb-celeb but celeb-to-me. I like how decisively they picked out assorted cookies and how assertively they pulled the twine hanging from the ceiling.
  6. Pacey, Ben, and Jess
    I have very strong opinions about these WB boyfriends that extend to the actors who played them in perpetuity. It's not reasonable or respectable.
  7. Zach Woods
    Every character he plays makes me want to laugh-cry and sad-cry at the same time, so now I associate his face with the full range of human emotion and that shit's deep.