Were I asked to rate my pain on a scale of 1-10 as an 8 year old, this is the scale I would have used from least to most terrible. (@sally feel free to incorporate this into your professional practice 😷)
  1. Losing any board game, but especially Monopoly
  2. Hunger headaches
  3. Feeling stiff and exhausted while emerging, defeated, from a particularly contorted Hide and Seek spot
  4. Breaking in the saddle shoes I begged for
  5. Any vaccine
  6. The way my body and mind felt during the Jaws ride at Universal
  7. All splinters
  8. Nancy Kerrigan wailing on the locker room floor
  9. Getting tangles brushed out of my hair
  10. The part in Fern Gully where Crysta puts the boy's hand on the tree and says "Can't you feel its pain?"