An appreciation list for the one true jammer, @tothemaxxx.
  1. He's the Prince of Ordering
    Maxxxie is my favorite dinner date, because he also wants to share a million vegetarian things and he makes the best choices.
  2. He's a gonzo linguist
    He's cool with whole convos composed of puns and portmanteaux and mispronunciations and terrible impersonations.
  3. He's a delicate hedonist
    Max appreciates a nice schvitz, a well-appointed hotel lobby, the most comfortable shoes, a surprising cocktail.
  4. He's seen everything
    Me: "What's that movie I love from the 2000s with the vignettes and the brass band and--" Max (immediately): "--You, the Living. Roy Andersson."
  5. He's comfortable exploring the space
    It's a 4D dance explosion.