Sometimes my body is a wonderland and sometimes my body is a mystery. These are a few ways I keep track of what's going on in my uterus. P.S. First official post-beta mega-overshare, so currently high fiving myself AND berating myself.
  1. Clue
    Best app. Love it 100%. I freely evangelize about it on the reg. Look at its cute graphics!
  2. The whims and woes of my lady colleagues
    Welcome to my female dominated workplace! We're all in this together. Very *NSYNC with one another.
  3. Podcast tears
    Tears + earbuds is my usual morning look, y'all, but Terry really got me going this morning.
  4. How deeply I'm feeling this lil' tweet
    You can find me at the bodega trying to get my hands on some Haribo Gold Bears and also a new life bc this one feels hard. Thanks for telling true jokes about bodies on the Internet, Jenny Slate and other ladies I did not mention here but hold close in my vast, emotional heart.