Inspired by @iundsoyombo and Drizzy and bros from sea to shining sea, this is a list of dudes I've known and what they've been up to since I left their city. ➕ em if you've got em.
  1. Got really into your frat and joined a marketing firm in the South
  2. Had two babies
  3. Moved in with your girlfriend, broke up with her, moved in with a new girlfriend
  4. Slept with a lot of people we know and also got a much more legit job
  5. Finally graduated and moved across the country
  6. Majored in environmental studies and got really into jam bands
    Suggested by   @k8mcgarry
  7. Got fat.
    Suggested by   @saytrumbo
  8. Decided you wanted to be a doctor and got really into sailing.
    Suggested by   @ohlauren
  9. Played as a contestant on jeopardy
    Suggested by   @minabird
  10. Had a kid
    Suggested by   @minabird
  11. Still work at subway
    Suggested by   @nina
  12. Dropped out of college to be a pizza delivery guy
    Suggested by   @nataliepalter
  13. lost your hair
    Suggested by   @maya
  14. got married to an actress whose middle name is reeeeeeeally close to my name?
    Suggested by   @maya
  15. Got super into "Gaia" and got a job at a water brewery
    Suggested by   @emilyannlosey
  16. Started dating another Asian girl 😐
    Suggested by   @jenilee
  17. Became a youth pastor and roomed with the guy who you know sexually assaulted me
    Suggested by   @shannalynn
  18. Disappeared off Facebook
    Suggested by   @shannalynn
  19. Interned for Amazon in Seattle
    Suggested by   @shannalynn
  20. Got fat, joined the military, got fit. In that order.
    Suggested by   @leahgayle
  21. Got married to my former good friend and then stalked me on LinkedIn a bunch
    Suggested by   @desyo
  22. Got your YouTube show picked up for tv, started dating a girl much smaller than me, and still probably smell like bacon, Axe and a disturbing idea of what sex should be like.
    Suggested by   @olive
  23. Got married a month after our divorce to a girl from our church and finally got a permanent full time job for the first time in 6 years.
    Suggested by   @amymairee