Favorite sense and/or sensory experience over the past five days.
  1. Sunday/Touch
    Weaving is a full body tactile experience. Also, I got to pet a dog on this day.
  2. Monday/Taste
    My work bestie had a major disagreement with her fiancé. The two of us shared cheap wine & French fries.
  3. Tuesday/Hearing
    I've been listening to The Longest Shortest Time on my way to work for a few days now. Before, I thought it was just for parents, but really it's for all people (who like podcasts and are into family/babies/bodies/change/challenge/etc).
  4. Wednesday/Sight
    This is a cheat, because Phillipe Parreno's show at the Armory engages all senses at once. Please, please go!
  5. Thursday/Scent
    It was a hot day in middle school... ❌👃🏻