Okay, okay, enough about your dumb birthday, Rachel!
  1. Thursday/Sight: Spring Awakening in English and ASL was gorgeous. Highly recommend. Big love to @kkapple for intuiting my desire to be continuously feted for days and days surrounding my actual birthday.
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  2. Friday/Taste: Felt so lucky to be at a family dinner celebrating my 30th and my aunt's 60th. Just look at this darling cupcake!
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  3. Saturday/Hearing: I love love love my friends and the 100% commitment they showed at this 90s dance party I made everyone go to.
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  4. Sunday/Smell: This stock photo captures my post-birthday party essence i.e. overjoyed by the smell of coffee, very offended by loud noises, interested in naps/soft light.
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  5. Monday/Touch: I live and work in crumbling buildings from the early 1900s. They always end up too hot or too cold, but today felt crisp and autumnal and just right. You know, sweater weather.
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