Quick little trip recap before I forget everything. It was rushed, it was full, it was just what I needed.
  1. Friday/Sight
    I was so sad to miss @marty on this trip, but so stoked to stay in his meticulously curated apartment. Perfect aesthetic choices all over the place. So many charming collections. I love you forever, Smarty!
  2. Saturday/Hearing
    At this perfect backyard wedding celebration, there were cocktails and fireworks and warm breezes and on and on, but I want to elevate this little memory of lying on my back in the grass just after dusk listening to John Isaac Watters and feeling right with the world.
  3. Sunday/Touch
    @kierankredell and I spent a wedding recovery day on @marty's couch watching TV and eating Triscuits. I spent hours leaning against a pillow that looks like it is made of my own personal hair.
  4. Monday/Taste
    We drove out of the city and planned our alternate lives (I will teach at a small regional elementary school in West Marin, get really into fiber arts, grow kale and wild flowers, and adopt a dog). We also ate BBQ oysters and they were incredible. Real game changer.
  5. Tuesday/Scent
    In order: the smell of a breeze coming in through the bedroom window and waking me up, the smell of coffee at Ritual, the smell of my own body because hills are steep and I'm overdressed and sweating, the smell of movie theater popcorn while watching my new favorite movie about friendship and bodies, Magic Mike XXL.