Last night I was convinced I had a cold and needed to curl up with tea, but I was equally convinced I needed to rise above and not flake out on a dear friend's bday.
  1. Repeat viewings of new Adele video
    2 right in a row
  2. Makeup brushes used
    5 and this is extra surprising because I didn't realize I owned that many.
  3. Needy texts sent
    3 to the same friend. Thank you, Essie. You are a gem.
  4. Outfit changes
    Ugh hard to say but >4
  5. Episodes of Call the Midwife I promised myself I could watch once I got home
    1.5 cause it was an extra long Christmas ep
  6. Emergen-Cs consumed
    Just 1. Traditional 🍊 flavor.
  7. OTC nasal sprays tucked in my purse
    2 and I recognize this is two too many