This was one of the first lists I tried to draft. I no longer consider this one of my areas of expertise, but here's what I learned in my early twenties. It's just remarkably easy to make strangers to kiss you at parties. Happy Friday, little Listers. 😘
  1. Alcohol
    I'm truly sorry, but if it's in your toolkit, this is an incredibly powerful first step. It makes people nice to each other until it makes them mean.
  2. Scan and circle
    At most parties, there is *someone* you can kiss. If you're really on a mission, scan and eliminate until you've chosen your very special stranger. Then, watch them like a bird of prey eyeing a little forest rodent so you know the moment they get in line for the bathroom/make a drink/start dancing/talk to someone you know. Be there.
  3. The hook
    For me, I think of this step as "Be charming" but that's not everyone's jam. Whatever you've got, bring it out now. Be funny or hot or have a cool accent or whatever. Maybe have cool boobs?
  4. Invade personal space
    Moment of truth: if you stand uncomfortably close to this person--get inside their bubble--do they step back or WHAT? (Step back = slow your roll. Dudes esp plz take note cause body language is a real language and you have to listen to it.)
  5. Contact (quick)
    Welcome to step five! Time to make some quick & casual physical contact. You're so flirty! You're so fun!
  6. Contact (sustained)
    Keep at it, babe! Wherever your hand landed, just leave it. Also, continuing leaning in like a personal space invader.
  7. Dumb conversation
    A nice thing about most humans is they won't interrupt you while you talk about your hopes and dreams and childhood traumas. If you want to make a stranger kiss you at a party, you have to start saying stupid stuff that no one cares about. But like, still say it cute.
  8. 💋