My mother showed me Children of a Lesser God when I was young and impressionable. I grew up to study American Sign Language (very briefly) and LOVE Marlee (4eva). Here are some fave roles.
  1. Sarah Norman, Children of a Lesser God
  2. Dr. Amy Solwey, Law & Order: SVU "Painless"
    Marlee's on trial!! Noooooo!! This is also an amazing episode for my own personal Jesus, Dr. BD Wong.
  3. Joey Lucas, West Wing
    Joey Lucas: Lover, pollster, American she-ro.
  4. Melody Bledsoe, Switched at Birth
    This show is sooo ABC FAMILY. I had a phase wherein ABC Family was the only balm my tender soul could handle and lemme tell you there are some GEMS over there (s/o Season 1 of The Fosters).
  5. Jodi Lerner, The L Word
    Jodi Lerner: Lover, sculptor, academy agitator.
  6. Herself on Celebrity Apprentice
    She was so inspiring I can't handle how cool she is.
    Suggested by @gggenevieveee
  7. The Lip Reader - Seinfeld
    Suggested by @megan