If all possible, see this movie in a giant empty theater with @kierankredell so you can snap and shout as much as you need to. [I didn't post this at the time because the whole damn internet was over saturated. Has enough time passed for us to enjoy these lukewarm takes?]
  1. Channing Tatum is the best dancer on Earth. We are all #blessed to live in the time of Channing Tatum.
  2. I really, really love the Pony song.
  3. BROS! Friendship is magic.
  4. Magic Mike's stuttering flirtations are like the handsome boy equivalent of the klutzy gal in a rom com. See? He's just like us!
  5. I love being reminded that I am a QUEEN. Thank you, Jada. 👑
  6. Yes please give me a glitter portrait for my next birthday.
  7. What a tidy lil' exploration of the Madonna/whore dichotomy. Good job, Alcide and Trent Reznor!
  8. After seeing so many different kinds of bodies being rubbed up on, I feel very body pos. What a rare and special thing to happen at the movies!