School's back and I've met so many new sweeties! Here's a rundown of a few 6th graders and how they worked their way straight into my heart space.
  1. 👭👭👭
  2. E.I.
    During a reading assessment she told me the main character was upset because, "Having no mom is like having no beginning of the world." Cue me singing "The Greatest Love of All" in its entirety.
  3. J.G.
    This baby girl has pink plastic glasses and giant blue headphones. She likes to dance.
  4. B.B.
    I taught her brother last year, and they have the *exact* same voice. It's spooky. I think she will spend less class time trying to do ninja kicks than he did, so that's sort of an improvement in my quality of life.
  5. 👬👬👬
  6. A.M.
    A. lost a tooth in my class and showed it to me (all sneaky, palming it so other kids wouldn't see). Losing a baby tooth in middle school is straight up adorable.
  7. F.G.
    This guy is an amazing visual artist, and I can't wait to see what he makes.
  8. S.A.
    Few kids come so ready to spill their immediate joy all over the place in the first month of school. I used to teach his brother, and I know they had a rough year. I love how resilient and open hearted he is.