I'm in no rush.
  1. Brushing my hair
    It turns out, brushing my hair feels nice and (obvi) prevents terrible, horrible nests from forming the back of my head. I still don't do it that much. Why did G-d grace me with these elegant piano fingers if not to serve as my sole hair combing tool?
  2. Watching scary movies
    I watched two in the past year without crying or screaming hardly at all.
  3. Paying cashiers/ordering food/asking for directions (read: talking to strangers)
    Fixed when @MarthaQ intuitively invented exposure therapy as an 11 year old by refusing to talk to anyone on my behalf whenever we were out together sans parents.
  4. Internet dating
    I came late to the party, but I immediately decided to "win this shit" by "power dating." Outcomes inconsistent, but I've for sure learned some cool and ugly truths about myself and strangers.
  5. Putting on eyeliner
    I might've figured this out three weeks ago. I might be fooling myself.