Historically, the MLB draft has been conducted via conference call (!) and no one cared about it at all. Now they're reaching for 🏀🏈 style interest by broadcasting the first two rounds. I'm admitting I watched a bunch with my roommate this year. I was just too exhausted to get off the couch and go to bed, because Mondays are HARD.
  1. This kid's outfit
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    His name is Ashe Russell. He's a high school senior from Indiana, and this is what he chose to wear to appear on TV.
  2. The kid who recited his usual Chipotle order
    They did little interview "Spotlights" on a few picks and asked the weirdest human interest questions. One boy ended up talking about going to Chipotle with his friends. His order includes EXTRA RICE because he's a growing boy!!! How charming.
  3. Dynasties
    So many sons of ex-pros. What a strange family business! I would read a book about this phenomenon for sure.
  4. Johnny Damon
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    Significant childhood crush seen here with Ashe Russell. They both look AMAZING.
  5. James Kaprielian's Lovably Garbage Freestyling
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  6. Watching Harold Reynolds pretend to know anyone after pick 10
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  7. Someone actually getting compared to Ted Williams LOL
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