Some of the reasons I'm lucky to have @MarthaQ as my big sister/best friend/most important human in my life forever ever.
  1. She asks the tough questions
    Martha likes to have all the facts. She knows I hate sharing, so she just digs in: Are you sleeping with______[insert name of any man I know]? Are you serious? Are you drunk? Are you going to call Mom and Dad? Are you regular sad or too sad? Are you gay? Do you want to come over and eat snacks?
  2. She introduced me to the classics
    What kind of dummy would I be without Empire Records, Bikini Kill, and Madeleine L'Engle?
  3. She gives brillz career advice
    Bonus: her interview pep talks are pure gold.
  4. She loves sports
    It's just weird if you know her.
  5. She mispronounces everything
    Martha was a wildly precocious reader, and constantly mispronounced words she had read but not heard in childhood. This teensy imperfection has carried into adulthood, and it charms me endlessly.
  6. She knows what's going on in the world
    I can ask her ill-informed questions like "What's up with Syria?" or "How did this Indiana thing happen?" and she'll have something smart to say plus send me links to the five most informative articles.
  7. She always keeps me close
    Marthy never made me silly for being younger. Even when I was five and her best friend Monica tried to kick me out of play dates, Martha had my back. Now, I share clothes and dance floors and Seder tables and Friendsgiving with her friends.
  8. She is determined
    Martha decided she wanted to start running, so she trained for a half marathon. Then she ran 10 more. She's all in. This gal is the answer to (and maybe the cause of?!) my constant state of indecision.
  9. She makes me laugh
    We live on the same comedy wavelength. She can crack me up like nobody else.
  10. She loves me the most
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    Can't nobody touch this love!