I thought this would be jokes. Instead, it's a love-letter-list to the girls in my advisory. Thanks, @tothemaxxx!
  1. KM
    KM is teeny tiny because of a childhood disease, so she makes cute cool. She started a trend of bringing stuffed animals to school and setting them up on your desk in every class.
  2. AL
    Mom says, "I'm worried she's distracted, talking bout dating whoever, liking whoever and all that. I tell her, you gotta stay focused! School comes first." AL immediately recites The Seven B's: "Books before boys, because boys bring babies."
  3. DH
    Refused to finish a single book for approximately 1.5 years before discovering Jacqueline Woodson. 📚❤️
  4. JD
    "I'm not like the other girls at this school. Cause I'm a tomboy. And a gamer. And an emo and a goth and a TOMBOY."
  5. MS
    Last year MS was so shy, some days I worried she had spoken only to me. That's not true anymore. Spending all day with people who are continuously evolving is humbling and good for the heart.