"Nice things are nice" is what I say (out loud and not) in defense of the myriad smallish luxuries I don't want to feel bad about but maybe kinda should and maybe kinda shouldn't.
  1. Taxi cabs
    In exchange for significantly more money, you can get from point A to point B without the looming threat of "Showtime."
  2. Not eating seasonally
    Yes, of course, there is frugality and this tender planet. And yet: raspberries in November.
  3. Laundry service
    Until I return to the promised land of in-building laundry, this is it for me.
  4. Lace anything
    Feeling like a Medici princess is very satisfying once in a while. The fact that I prove incapable of caring for lovely clothes must, in pursuit of joy, be strategically denied.
  5. Fancy ice cream
    Let's get complicated. Let's stretch the boundaries of dessert and good taste and my probable lactose intolerance.
  6. Beach houses
    This is obvious.
  7. Le Pen or similar
    Why oh why would I take the meditative and healing and generative act of hand writing and ruin it with some dummy rollerball I stole from a doctor's office?!
  8. Professional bang trims
    It has taken me over a decade to admit I'm not *that* good at this task. Paying for in between trims makes me prettier. This is a fact and I might as well deal, because I like feeling pretty.