Everything here is dull marigold! Okay tbh some of these things are tan and some are reddish brown. PS I'm on a train and a chiller list just got gobbled by Amtrak WiFi 😔
  1. Dead pine needles
  2. Traffic signs
  3. Two mustard colored clapboard houses
  4. The word POLICE on cruisers in Bridgeport
  5. Infield dirt at a minor league stadium
  6. Rusted railroad spikes
  7. Hay bales
  8. Tall grasses
  9. Bricks
  10. Front loaders and other construction equipment
  11. Wet lumber
  12. Cones
  13. Dried out leaves on trees
    How did they last this long?
  14. Roof tiles
  15. Rust generally
  16. Small obelisk grave marker
  17. A shipping container in a back yard
  18. Sedimentary rocks