A couple of times @MarthaQ and I have been derailed by weather, and the dumb foods we ate.
  1. The McDonalds in St. Joseph, Michigan, 2008. En route to Thanksgiving in Ann Arbor.
    I spent an hour using a scrap piece of wood and tears to free my car from its ice-prison before picking up my sister at O'Hare. A few hours later, we were out of Chicago, out of Indiana, and just barely into southeast Michigan. Snow was coming down sideways. They closed the highway. We grabbed one of the last hotel rooms and went to find food while it was cleaned. The whiteout was so severe, we used GPS to cross a parking lot. We bought 20 chicken nuggets. Neither of us ate meat.
  2. The Burger King on Front Street in Traverse City, Michigan, 2015. En route to lake living in Glen Arbor.
    A severe thunderstorm delayed our plane and knocked out power across northeast Michigan. In the heart of chain store sprawl, I made a speech about the deleterious effects of fast food on the rights of workers, the lives of animals, and connections between the two. We drove searching, but realized there was only one place in town with power. Everyone else knew it, too, so we waited over half an hour for our damning food. I drowned the sorrow of hypocrisy with an Oreo shake. It was delicious.