There are some places where I really lose my cool as a consumer. Tell me I'm not alone!
  1. Penn Station
    Best sellers at Hudson Books. Fiction, nonfiction, young adult, whatever. Penn Station makes me crazy for trade paperbacks.
  2. Airports
    Bunker supplies. Multiple liters of un-refrigerated water, extra headphones in case of an unforeseen headphone apocalypse mid-flight, chalky energy bars.
  3. Costco
    Cashmere. My grandma puts a lot of faith in the cheap cashmere sweaters at Costco, and I trust all of her opinions. Also vats of bourbon.
  4. Any grocery store or farmer's market
    Carrots. Baby, regular size, organic, conventional, heirloom, I don't care. I will not leave without new carrots to add to my carrot horde in the crisper drawer.
  5. Meijer
    Diet Soda. Meijer is a mega-supermarket chain in metro Detroit. I buy absurd amounts of my favorite regional ginger ale, Vernor's. Then, I drink it like water until I leave my grandma's house.
  6. Ann Taylor LOFT
    On a certain level, anything I've bought there counts as a panic buy.
  7. Yogurt emporiums
    "Adventurous" toppings. I don't like scratchy sugar cereals! Why would I ask for Cap'n Crunch on top of my tart yog? Yuck and also ouch!
  8. Spices
    Another grocery store thing, I always forget to check spice supply before I leave the house and then panic that I won't have all the right ingredients for some recipe et voila, I have five half used jars of cumin in the pantry.
    Suggested by @sloan
  9. Old Navy
    Flip flops. What if I don't have another new pair to open (I do)?! What if they're never this cheap again (they will be)?! What if they don't make them in this color/pattern anymore (usually, they do)?! I have 1 million pairs of flip flops.
    Suggested by @sally