This ad stresses me out.
  1. The guy who hits snooze and goes right back to sleep
    Wake up snuggle bug! You've got things to do...or do you?!
  2. Lady putting on shoes outside
    Is this a walk of shame? How terrible is this person that you'd rather stand barefoot on their stoop than be in their presence for 30 more seconds? Also, is that their building and if so consider making it work.
  3. Woman staring at the ocean like it's the dawn of her new life
  4. Guy who chooses to make the watch face Mickey Mouse
    I'm sorry, dude. I'm judging your choice. Also, are you dark hallway guy? You have a bad vibe.
  5. Girl running past bikes
    Is this an object lesson in the necessity of watches? Why is she here? Just so I can worry about her?
  6. The lady who is turning on the lights before she walks into work
    Slow down. Stop rushing. Your life seems awful and you have no chill.
  7. Guy brazenly exposing his watch to dumpling steam
    This is why we can't have nice things!
  8. Girl checking the train schedule as the train clearly rolls past her
    Is this an ad for Ativan? If not, please stop making me feel this way.
  9. Everyone doing Tai chi in the park
    I don't even think they HAVE Apple Watches.
  10. ANYONE using a QR code for ANYTHING
    I don't care how great your hair is. Get out of that supermarket and stop it.
  11. Modern dance class instructor
    As a former kinda sorta serious dancer, lemme tell you how uncomfortable watch sweat it. Gross.