Making plans with my sister involves a lot of texts but very few words. Here are some commonplace examples of our sisterly economy of language.
  1. Wanna do a thing?
    Wanna go for a walk or lay in the park or go to a museum or Biergarten or other place where the real point is talking and people watching? Probably in the next hour or so?
  2. Come with me to get a thing.
    This is an invitation to tag along to Duane Reade or Jack Rabbit or this one juice place near my house.
  3. Oh, do you have a thing?
    Oh, are you busy doing something that I don't want to do?
  4. It's a whole thing.
    My feelings on this topic/event/human are complex, and I need to tell you all about it soon, but not now. Requires full attention.
  5. How was your thing?
    Could refer to 1) work thing 2) medical/dental thing.
  6. Should we eat a thing?
    Are you hungry OR Rachie, are you about to be mean to me because you're hungry, and can we preempt that, please?
  7. I have to do a thing.
    I can't hang out at all, because I'm busy with work stuff. Occasionally also used my me to reference hanging out with a boy not important enough to be named.